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ZGYX-422 Combined Mining Rig

ZGYX-422 Combined Mining Rig

One diesel engine drives both the screw air compressor and the hydraulic system, and the power output is a stagger peak design.
Compared to separated dril rig,the total power output of the diesel engine is reduced by about 35%, and the maintenance cost is reduced by 51%.Lower energy consumption,faster rock drilling speed,shorter preparation time and the less hole numbers reduce the unit energy consumption sharply.

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Product Features of ZGYX-422 Combined Mining Rig:

1.Feed system consisting of hydraulic braking motors, chains, sprocket wheels & hose reel, realizing fast / slow feeding & lifting, and hose auto following & tensioning
2.Two-stage dry type powerful dust collection system for dust free drilling
3.High frequency hydraulic drigter & anti-jamming system for smoother drilling
4.Electronic impulse lubrication, for longer service life of drill tools & more convenient operation
5.Heavy duty chassis & oscillation oil cylinders for powerful off-road performance

Specification of ZGYX-422 Combined Mining Rig

Model ZY103
Manufacture Zhigao
Hole range 42-89mm
Rotation speed 0-192rpm
Rotation torque Max.860N.m
Hole depth 13.5M
Max. Impact power 15kw
Cummins engine
Rated power 93kw
Boom & feed
Boom angle 71º/105º
Boom swing angle "-25º-+35º
Tilt angle "-54º-+50º
Swing angle "-92º-+15º/-54º-+50º
Feed/Pull up force 16KN/16KN
Drill rod length 3.66m(LF-6095mm)
Rod changer an #S of rods stored 3+1(Manual)
Screw air compressor
Air consumption 3.4m3/min
Max. Working pressure 7 Bar 
Max. Climbing ability 25º
Ground clearance 340mm
Track frame oscillation ±10º
Tra;mming speed Fast:4.5km/h,Slow:2.3km/h
Dimension(No options)
Weight 10,500kg
Width 2,430mm
Length 11,300mm
High 2,900mm
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