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Well Drilling Rig

ABT has served well engineering for more than ten years. Have detailed professional preparation for all situations of well engineering. We provide all the equipment of water supply well engineering, which runs through the whole process of water well engineering.

In order to adapt to different strata, we have developed the mechanical drilling rig including crawler drill, wheel drill and automobile drill. Crawler drilling rig, also known as hydraulic water well drilling rig, has good adaptability to terrain, but it can not run on highway. Trailer is needed to change site. Wheels need to be pulled and moved by other vehicles, but they are small in size and low in purchase cost. The automobile drilling rig is portable drilling rig for water well which integrates the automobile to move by itself, but it can not be reached in very poor road conditions.

Drilling methods of borewell drilling rig are divided into water circulation and air circulation. Water circulation uses water to bring drilling waste out of the wellhead and relies on drill bit grinding rock drilling. Air circulation drill relies on drill bit to drill rock. Well drilling rig for sale of operating by water circulation is suitable for drilling loose strata, while best water well drilling rig worked by air circulation is suitable for drilling solid strata.

In drilling industries such as water wells, mining exploration, seismic use, geothermal exploitation, water well drilling rig is most commonly used. These hydraulic water well drilling rig are flexible and can be outfitted with different drills for different situations, such as an auger for softer soil, and rotary drill bits for rock. Our well drilling rigs can be used to drill water wells, oil wells, or natural gas extraction wells, etc.. Contact us!
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