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Rock Drill

ANBIT 28 Air-leg Rock drill adopts air-water linkage, Air-leg quick return, air pressure regulation and other mechanisms.

The control handle is centralized with the handle body. The mechanism is novel and easy to operate. The muffler with it can effectively reduce noise and change the direction of exhaust at will, and improve the working conditions on site.

Compared with the same type of rock hammer drill tool, it has the advantages of light weight, low noise, high efficiency and good economic effect. It is widely used in mining, roadway excavation and various rock drilling operations. It is in metallurgical, coal, railway, transportation, water conservancy, infrastructure and national defense stone works.

ABT provides a variety of hammer rock drill for construction, road construction and urban development. With high frequency rock drill and professional design, our rockdrills can not only provides fast and accurate drilling, but also keep people and equipment safe as rock blasting.
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