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Low Pressure Drill Bit

In the low pressure drilling with low pressure is applicable to the work of wind pressure on 5 bar - 14 bar of air compressor, new Jin Gangqian drill adopts high quality steel and carbide as raw materials, with special heat treatment process, the hardness of button bit, under the rock excavation of strong and reduce energy loss in the transmission process, the tooth force uniform, not easy to fall off the tooth and, so the impact energy concentrated rock to achieve efficient driver.

Different drill head shapes are selected according to different rock formations. The drill head is selected as follows:

Face Applications Face Applications
Center Drop Bit
Center Drop Bit Convex Face
Convex Face
For high penetration rates in soft to medium hard and fissured rock formations,Low to medium air pressure. For high penetration rates in soft to medium hard with low to medium air oressure,it is the most resistance to steel wash,and may reduce the load and wear on gauge,but poor hole deviation control.

Depending on the tail of the bit, BR,CIR,J series are mainly applied, which can also be customized according to customer requirements. The detailed parameters of the bit are as follows:

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