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Industrial Air Compressor

Industrial gas air compressor provides efficient and reliable aerodynamic power for steel, textile, cement, electric power, chemical industry and machinery manufacturing. The power range covers 4 kW ~ 4000kW, which can meet the gas demand of various scales.

We provide special design for energy saving industrial air compressor for sale with features:

1. Adopt quiet and mild operation scheme to save pipeline investment and energy consumption.
2. Adjustable intake valve, reduce waste of energy
3. High-quality filtration system, minimum internal pressure difference
4. Superior cooling system, ensure the best unit efficiency, optimized oil circuit design, minimum pressure loss.

Industrial grade air compressors can be used for a manufacturing plant or the reliable power source on an oil rig. ABT industrial grade air compressors are designed to provide a steady flow of compressed air for long-term use and can take fluctuating surges in use typical in major manufacturing plants. In construction industries, there are many construction crew air compressors for a range of pneumatic tools and equipment in manufacturing, agriculture, energy sector, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Inverter Air Compressor (Energy Efficient) for Sale

ABT inverter driven compressor adopts a new vector frequency conversion control system, which helps saving more power and consumes less energy, thus ensure you big savings and is environmental friendly. Using inverter compressors allows reaching a twofold purpose: Save energy; match potential compressed air with real usage. For air conditioner, the inverter driven compressor has precise temperature control and as the set temperature is attained, the unit adjusts its capacity to eliminate any temperature fluctuations.

Fixed Screw Air Compressor for Sale

ABT Fixed Screw Air Compressor has simple structure and is easy to maintain, is a kind of rotary screw air compressor known as one of the most reliable, efficient and productive air compressors. The is a compressor that uses a rotary-type positive displacement mechanism. Rotary screw style air compressor are commonly used to replace piston compressors, in commercial and industrial applications, where large volumes of high pressure air are needed.

Industrial Air Compressor Supplier

ANBIT has a very comprehensive compressor product line, including inverter driven air compressor, piston compressor, ordinary screw drive air compressor and permanent magnet frequency conversion screw compressor. 

Among them, the full spectrum products of screw compressor have reached the national energy-saving product standard of China, and all of its high-end series have reached the national first-class energy efficiency and super-class energy efficiency of China.
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