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Eccentric Overburden Drilling Equipment

Eccentric Overburden Drilling Equipment

Eccentric drill bit is used for casing following drilling while drilling in soil layer.

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Operating Steps of Eccentric Reamer

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At the beginning of drilling, the eccentric reaming sleeve spins out along the eccentric guide bit and begins reaming to ensure that the casing and drilling system advance simultaneously. the first step When drilling into the right position, carefully reverse, eccentric reaming sleeve cycle, and eccentric drilling system from the casing pull out. the second step
3 4
The casing is pulled upwards and the concrete slurry or other filler is sprinkled at the bottom of the hole. the third step Conventional drilling tools are used in the bedrock to reach the required depth. the forth step

Specification of Eccentric Overburden Drilling Equipment

Type ① Casing Tube ② Drill Pipe ③ Guide Sleeve ④ TH-hammer
Casing Shop Guide Device Reamer Pilot bit
NOD90 Maximun: 115mm Connection Thread: Effective length: ND35, Cop32, IR3.5, NQL30 L3=90mm L4=55mm D3=101.7mm D4=93mm L1=35mm L2=138mm D1=92mm D2=100mm D5=91mm L5=70mm D6=90mm L6=59mm
Minmum: 102mm API2 3/8”Reg 174mm Reaming Diameter: 123mm Gauge button
O.D: 76mm Reamer has 4XФ12 buttons 8 X Ф12
Wrench Flats: 65mm Front button
6 X Ф10
NOD115 Maximun: 142mm Connection Thread: Effective length: ND45, Cop44, NSD4, DHD340A, NQL40, NM4 L3=76mm L4=55mm D3=127.5mm D4=117mm L1=48mm L2=136mm D1=115mm D2=126mm D5=114mm   L5=89mm D6=114mm  L6=67mm
Minmum: 128mm  API2 3/8”Reg 174mm Reaming Diameter: 152mm Gauge button
O.D: 76mm Reamer has 5XФ14 buttons 8 X Ф14
Wrench Flats: Front button
65mm 6 X Ф12
NOD140 Maximun: 168mm Connection Thread: Effective length: ND55, Cop54, NSD5, DHD350R, NQL50 L3=90mm L4=63mm D3=155.3mm D4=143mm L1=55mm L2=160mm D1=141mm D2=154mm D5=138mm L5=69.5mm D6=138mm  L6=66mm
Minmum: 155.40mm API2 3/8”Reg 205mm Reaming Diameter:  185mm Gauge button
O.D: 89mm 8 X Ф16
Wrench Flats: Reamer has 7XФ14 buttons Front button
65mm 8 X Ф14
NOD165 Maximun:  193.70mm Connection Thread: Effective length: ND65, Cop64, NSD6, DHD360, NQL60 L3=95mm L4=55mm D3=181.5mm D4=166mm L1=61.5mm L2=181.5mm D1=165mm D2=178mm D5=164mm L5=79.5mm D6=165.80mm  L6=82.50mm
Minmum: 181mm API2 1/2”Reg 225mm Reaming Diameter: 211mm Gauge button
O.D: 114mm Reamer has 7XФ14 buttons 8 X Ф16
Wrench Flats: Front button
65mm 8 X Ф16
NOD190 Maximun: 219mm Connection Thread: Effective length: ND65, Cop64, NSD6, DHD360, NQL60 L3=110mm L4=70mm D3=204.7mm D4=193mm L1=62.8mm L2=185mm D1=191mm D2=203mm D5=164mm L5=79.5mm D6=165.80mm  L6=82.50mm
Minmum: 205mm API2 1/2”Reg 225mm 211mm Gauge button 
O.D: 114mm Reamer has 7XФ14 buttons 8 X Ф16
Wrench Flats: Front button
95mm 8 X Ф16
NOD240 Maximun: 273mm Connection Thread: Effective length: ND85, Cop84, NSD8, DHD380, NQL80 L3=110mm L4=65mm D3=259mm D4=241mm L1=70mm L2=190mm D1=240mm D2=257mm D5=238mm L5=100mm D6=240mm  L6=89.50mm
Minmum: 260.4mm API2 1/2”Reg 343mm Reaming Diameter: 308mm Gauge button 
O.D: 114mm Reamer has 16XФ16 buttons 12 X Ф18
Wrench Flats: Front button
95mm 32 X Ф16
NOD280 Maximun: 324mm Connection Thread: Effective length: NSD10, NUMA100 L3=125mm L4=75mm D3=304mm D4=281mm L1=97mm L2=254mm D1=280mm D2=303mm D5=266mm L5=120mm D6=280mm  L6=135mm
Minmum: 305mm API2 1/2”Reg 305mm Reaming Diameter:  378mm Gauge button 
O.D: 114mm Reamer has 22XФ18 buttons 12 X Ф18
Wrench Flats: Front button
95mm 27 X Ф16
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