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Drilling Rig

Drilling rigs are mechanical equipment that drives drilling tools to drill underground to obtain physical geological data during exploration or development of mineral resources (including solid mines, liquid mines, gas mines, etc.). Mechanical drilling rigs can be used to drill cores, cores, cuttings, gaseous samples, liquid samples, etc., to explore underground geology and mineral resources.

Descriptions of Drilling Rig Machine For Sale

The working principle of the drilling quipment for sale is that the lifting ring and the lifting ring seat are connected by a pin shaft, the lifting ring seat and the hook rod are welded into one body, the cylinder and the hook body are connected by left-hand threads, and a stop block is used to prevent the threads from loosening. The hook body and the cylinder body can move up and down along the hook rod. The function of the inner and outer load springs is to make the standing roots spring up after the buckle is released.

Type of Drilling Rig Equipment

ANBIT provides a variety of drilling rig machine at competitive price:
Inwell Drilling Rig
Combined Mining Rig
Mining Drilling Equipment
Rock Bolting Rig
Diamond Core Drill Rig
Underground Jumbo Drill

Applications of Mechanical Drilling Rig

Drilling rig can be very big structures that hold equipment that is used to make water wells, natural gas extraction wells, or oil wells. ABT offers many different types of drilling rigs for those uses.
Drilling rig equipments are used for drilling new hole segments, such as drilling out cement, plugs, or other material inside the existing wellbore. ABT supplies moving drilling rigs which can be used in various terrain for mining and constuction, off-shore drilling, water well drilling, etc..

We make and support the world's most advanced drilling solutions with our high efficiency drilling rig machines.

Mine Drilling Rig for Sale

ABT mining drilling machine are especially designed to meet the needs of mineral exploration and rock excavation industry. We offer different types of drilling machine in mining, which can work effectively in the toughest conditions. This is why we invest heavily in research and development delivering true power with absolute precision through the newest technical innovations, our mining drilling rigs are the simplest within the business.

Combined Mining Rig for Sale

ABT supplies a new type of combined mining rig which integrated drill rig with an air compressor. The air compressor and the drilling rig share a diesel engine, which saves energy, moves as a whole and is convenient and tidy. 

Core Drilling Rig

ABT core drilling rig is a cylindrical drill with a hollow bit that allows you to drilling perfect round holes. Core drills can also be used to drill through wood, masonry, stone, or even ice vertically, horizontally, or at an angle. The core drilling equipment can be used in many industries for many different applications. In the construction industry, core drills are used for creating passageways for plumbing and drainage pipes, the installation of air conditioning systems, road cores, manholes, strength test holes and so on.
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