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Crawler Multi-Function Well Drilling Rig

Crawler Multi-Function Well Drilling Rig

Crawler multi-function Well drilling rig is a new design of a new, efficient, multi-functional hydraulic drilling rig, the machine is mainly used for drilling wells, testing wells, geothermal air conditioning wells and other drilling operations. There are 200, 300, 400, 450, 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1600, 2200 and other series of Wells drilling rig, its drilling depth in 200-2500 meters, aperture covering 100-1600mm.  "ANBIT" brand drilling rig product specifications, types of everything, can be very good to meet a variety of work requirements.
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Features of Crawler Multi-Function Well Drilling Rig are as follows:

1. Full hydraulic control for easy and flexible

Can adjust the drilling rig speed, torque, propulsion axial pressure, anti-axial pressure, propulsion speed, lifting speed, in order to meet the use of different drilling tools and different construction technology needs

2. Top Drive Rotary Propulsion lifting

Easy drill pipe unloading, shorten the auxiliary time, but also conducive to pipe drilling.
A variety of drilling processes can be used in this kind of drilling rig, such as: submersible drilling, through-air reverse cycle drilling, gas lift reverse cycle drilling, cutting drilling, tooth wheel drilling, pipe drilling and is being developed core drilling and so on. Hydraulic water well drilling rig can be installed according to user needs mud pump, foam pump, generator.The rig is also standard with a variety of hoists.

3. High operational efficiency

Due to the full hydraulic and top-drive rotary propulsion promotion, suitable for a variety of drilling technology and a variety of drilling tools, easy and flexible control, fast drilling speed, short auxiliary time, so the operation efficiency is high.

3. Low Cost

The drilling on the rock is mainly based on the submersible hole hammer drilling process, the submersible hole Hammer Rock drilling operation efficiency is high, the single rice drilling cost is lower. High Leg crawler type High legs are easy to load and transport, and no crane is required to load directly.

4. Crawler walking is more suitable for muddy field movement.

Positive and negative axial pressure adjustment The optimum impact efficiency of various impactor has its matching optimum axial pressure and rotational speed. In the drilling process, with the increasing number of drill pipe, the axial pressure on the impact device is also increasing, so the construction by adjusting the positive and negative axial pressure valve, to ensure that the impact device can obtain a more matching shaft pressure. At this point the impact efficiency is higher. The role of the oil mist device Oil Mist and oil mist pump with patented technology. In the drilling process at all times the high-speed operation of the impact device lubrication, a greater extent to extend its service life.

5. Rig Chassis

It can be a crawler self-chassis, or it can be a car-mounted self-chassis.

Applications of Crawler Multi-Function Well Drilling Rig:

ANBIT provides a comprehensive selection of drilling and tools, and a complete set of water well drilling equipments which determining the best drilling position and water depth. Water well drilling rig offer a precision drilling service for water well, reduce costs, and handle all kinds of complex terrain.

Specification of Crawler Multi-Function Well Drilling Rig

Max drilling depth big secondary winch lifting force
1600 m 
Drilliing diameter Small secondary winch lifting force
105-1000 mm  1.5 T 
Air pressure High leg stroke
1.65-8 Mpa  1.7 m 
Air consumption Drilling efficiency
16-120 m³/min  10-35 m/h 
Rod length Moving speed
6 m  3 Km/h 
Rod diameter Uphill angle
127 mm  21° 
Main shaft pressure Weight of the rig
13 T  30 T 
Lifting force Dimension
81 T  8.6×2.6×3.5 m 
Fast lifting speed Working condition
23 m/min  Loose bed and bedrock
Fast fonwarding speed Drilling method
44 m/min  Top drive hydraulic rotary and propulsion, subsurface hole impactor or mud drilling
Rotary torque Suitable hammer
24500 Nm  Medium and high wind pressure series
Rotary speed Optional accessories
90 r/min  Mud pump, centrifugal pump, generator, foam pump
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