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Automatic Mapping Water Detector

Water guarantees human survival. Water is needed in daily life, agricultural production, animal husbandry, and aquaculture, and the use of groundwater is a necessary method to solve water shortage.

But in the face of seemingly similar ground, where to find water is a mystery. The absence of water after drilling has caused great waste. Using ANBIT Water Detector can help you find groundwater accurately.

Parameter of Automatic Mapping Water Detector

Model ADMT-100S ADMT-200S ADMT-300S ADMT-400S ADMT-600S ADMY-800S
Measuring Range 0-300mv
Detection Depth 0-100m 0-200m 0-300m 0-400m 0-600m 0-800m
Measurement Mode ( Intelligent ) 20 40 60 80
Resolution 2μV 1μV 0.5μV 0.2μV 0.1μV
Repetitive Error 土5% 土3% 土2% 土2% 土1% 土0.1%
A/D Conversion 16位 1Msps 24位 1Msps
Input Resistance ≥100MΩ
Power Frequency Suppression >80dB
Data Storage Mobile Storage or 20G Space
Display Method Mobi1e phone (tab1et) display 5-10. 1 "touch screen
Connection Method B1uetooth 4. 0
Power Supply DC7. 4V 3400mAh Lithium Battery DC7. 4V 6800mAh Lithium Battery
Host Power Consumption 160mA 360mA 360mA 360mA 360mA 360mA
Working Temp ‘-10℃~ +40℃ ‘-20℃~+60℃ ‘-40℃~+70℃
Host size 18. 6*14. 8*8cm
Host Weight 0.8KG 0.9KG

Wireless Sensor

ANBIT series wireless sensor does not need to pull the MN line when using the measuring instrument. It directly uses the electromagnetic wireless sensor signal input. The wireless sensor is divided into multiple regular products. The frequency range is 0.001HZ to 30KHZ. The frequency range is different. Weight is different, sensor accuracy is also different.

Water Leak Detector

Detection Depth <200m < 400s < 300m < 600s < 800m < 1200m < 2000m
Frequency Range 30K- 10HZ 2K-5HZ 30K -5HZ 30K- 1HZ 30K-0. 1HZ 30K-0.01HZ 30K-0.001HZ
Resolution 2μV 1μV 0.5μV 0. 2μV 0.1μV
Repetitive Error 土5% 土3% 土2% 土2% 土1% 土0. 1% 土0. 1%
Working Temp ‘-10°C *+40°C ‘-20°C ~+60°C ‘-40°C~ +70°C
Host size 20.8*9.8*9.8cm 20.8*9.8*9.8cm 41.6*9.8*9.8cm 62.6*9.8*9.9cm 80.2*9.8*9.9cm 110*9.8*9.10cm 130*9.8*9.10cm
Host Weight 2.6KG 2.8KG 5.4KG 8.2KG 10KG 12.8KG 15.6KG
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