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Automatic Mapping Cave Detector

ANBIT Cavity Detector is based on the electromagnetic field of the earth as the field source, and based on the conductivity difference of different underground geological structures. It measures the variation of electric field components at different frequencies to study the geological structure and changes, and finds underground mining scientifically. Geological bodies such as empty areas, hollows, moving soil, tunnels, and ant caves have very good detection effects on engineering geology, archeology, and disasters.

Advantages of Automatic Mapping Cave Detector

1. Automatic mapping: The measurement data can be imported into the mobile phone through the Bluetooth function, and automatically mapped through the mobile phone APP.
2. No need to pull the wire: you can measure when you walk or stop. You can use a wireless probe to solve the pain of pulling the wire.
3. The measurement data can be imported into a USB flash drive or a mobile phone, or uploaded to the cloud for permanent storage or downloaded to a computer.
4. More reasonable data processing: The function of "field source correction" has been further strengthened (invention patent number: 201310205318.9), and more than 20 patented technologies have been applied for this project.
5. High-precision measurement: high-performance amplifier and imported core components, high-performance AD converter, high-resolution measurement of 0.001mV, ± 2% high-precision measurement. The measuring instrument can be better applied to work in high-resistance areas and obtain deeper and better measurement results.
6. Perfect anti-interference technology: high-performance wave-limiting circuit, 50HZ power frequency suppression ability> 100dB, suitable for various geological environments.

Parameter of Automatic Mapping Cave Detector

Measuring Range 0-250mv
30m 60m
Measurement Mode 10 20
0.5µV 0.2µV
Repetitive Error ±2% ±1%
16位 1Msps
Input Resistance ≥10MΩ
Data Storage 64Mbit
5 "Touch screen
Connection Method Bluetooth 4.0 or USB
DC7.4V 5200mAh Lithium Battery
Host Power Consumption 500mA
Host Size 18.6x14.8x8cm
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