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ANBIT-H Series Cone Crusher

ANBIT-H Series Cone Crusher

ANBIT-H series spring cone crusher perfectly combines crushing speed, stroke and high performance crushing chamber design, greatly improving production capacity and crushing efficiency. At the same time, it has the characteristics and advantages of excellent equipment quality, convenient maintenance, durable original wear parts, short breakdown parking time, simple and flexible operation, and truly creates more value for customers in practice. It is widely used in the crushing, fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing sections of crushed materials in the industries of mine ore crushing, high hardness rock material crushing, building material crushing, cement plant, sand and gravel manufacturing, etc. It is also suitable for fixed and mobile applications.

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ANBIT-H series mobile cone crusher for sale relies on their own unique design and casting machinery processing technology, in the case of ensuring the processing capacity, extended the service life, multiple unloading valve design to avoid material debris damage to equipment, ensure the stability of equipment operation.
If you have special needs, please contact us, we will provide the most suitable cone crusher machine for your design scheme.
ANBIT-H Series Conical Crusher

Functions and Features of ANBIT-H Series Cone Crusher:

Higher production capacity
Combining higher speed with stroke, the rated power and passing capacity of HP series cone crushing are greatly improved, and the maximum output can be obtained in the minimum space with smaller equipment.


ANBIT-H series conical crusher only needs to replace fixed conical liner plate, movable conical liner plate, adaptor ring and wedge block fastening bolts, the crushing cavity type can be arbitrarily changed from the standard super-thick cavity type to the short-head ultra-fine cavity type.

Humanized Design of ANBIT-H Series Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Hydraulic protection, hydraulic cavity cleaning, high degree of automation.
The machine in the case of iron and instant stuffy car, can hydraulic jacking, automatic discharge, eliminate the original spring cone crusher need to stop manual discharge trouble, so that maintenance is more convenient, more cost saving.
Detail of ANBIT-H-Series-Conical-Crusher.jpg

Remote control, GPRS communication

We use advanced PLC system, the system can continuously detect the crusher and provide alarm, display various operating parameters, operators can understand the operation of the crusher in real time.
The system not only simplifies the production line operation, saves labor costs, but also reduces operational risks and safety performance of the production line.

Main Screen

Crushed Stone Diameter Distribution Graph

crushed stone diameter distribution graph

Capacity of ANBIT-H Series Cone Crusher

mm Mtph Mtph Mtph Mtph Mtph Mtph
8 135-175
10 90-120 115-140 140-175 175-220 155-210 220-300
13 120-150 150-185 185-230 230-290 195-265 280-380
16 140-180 180-220 225-280 280-350 235-315 335-450
19 150-190 200-240 255-320 320-400 260-345 370-490
22 160-200 220-260 275-345 345-430 285-375 410-535
25 170-220 230-280 295-370 365-455 300-400 430-570
32 190-235 250-320 325-430 405-535 310-440 440-630
38 210-250 300-380 360-490 445-605 360-500 515-715
45 350-440 410-560 510-700 400-555 570-790
51 465-630 580-790

Specification of ANBIT-H Series Stone Cone Crusher Machine

Model Diameter(mm) Max feed size(mm) Output size Motor power(KW) Output(thp) Weight(T)
ANBIT-H1000 1000 185 6-38 132 90-270 10.4
ANBIT-H1150 1150 233 6-45 200 115-480 15.8
ANBIT-H1300 1300 300 6-50 315 140-700 23
ANBIT-H1500 1500 335 6-50 355 175-880 33
ANBIT-H1150S 1150 250 8-45 315 135-600 20
ANBIT-H1400S 1400 330 9-50 450 220-880 33

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