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Alloy Anchor Bit

Alloy Anchor Bit

Alloy anchor bit is suitable for the drilling of coal seam, with high penetration rate, high wear-resisting, and long life, good performance in harsh working conditions. Alloy anchor bit has high quality tungsten carbide alloy insterts, advanced welding technology, multiple accurate heat treatment. It is widely used in coal mining and other industries of anchor cable drilling.
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Description of Alloy Anchor Bit

Models Hard Alloy anchor bit features Remarks
φ24mm -- φ150mm Is suitable for the drilling of coal seam, with high penetration rate, high wear-resisting, and long life, good performance in harsh working conditions. High quality tungsten carbide alloy insterts, advanced welding technology, multiple accurate heat treatment. Widely used in coal mining and other industries of anchor cable drilling. We can according to customer request processing various special bits and connection mode.
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