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Will The 35 Million Ton / Year Manufactured Sand Meet The Needs Of Building Sand Every Year?

Due to restricted mining and forbidden mining in Dongting Lake and other regions, the price of construction sand in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River has been rising. The factory price of Zhuzhou river sand in Hunan Province was as high as 220 yuan/ton. The sand sources in the region are diversified. Manufactured sand, reservoir sand, sea sand and even imported river sand appear in the market.The manufactured sand can be produced on a large scale, the output and quality are stable..

At present, some sand and stone enterprises along the Yangtze River are increasing the technology of manufactured sand. In the future, the Yangtze River Basin may usher in a wave of releasing capacity of manufactured sand.

As a large-scale project widely concerned by the industry, the first phase of Changjiu New Material (Shenshan) with an annual output of 35 million tons of sand and stone project has also laid out the machine-made sand plate. It is understood that the first phase of the project is equipped with seven sets of machine-made sand system, a single processing capacity (> 170 tons / h), feed particle size 0-7 mm, the total machine-made sand production capacity of 1190 tons / h above.

According to the production capacity of machine-made sand 1200 tons/h, 10 hours/day, 300 days/year, the production capacity of this project is conservatively estimated to be 3.6 million tons/year, and the actual annual production capacity is expected to exceed 4 million tons. Once the capacity is released, or will partially alleviate the shortage of construction sand in the Yangtze River Basin.

In addition, in order to increase the productivity of sand and maximize the comprehensive utilization of resources, the project also added fine sand recovery process in the process of coarse aggregate washing water treatment. At present, five fine sand recovery devices provided by Weihai Haiwang Cyclone Co., Ltd. are being installed on the spot.

It is understood that the single set of fine sand recovery equipment matched with the project has a treatment capacity of <625m3/h, the recovery rate of fine sand reaches 93% or more, and the water content of discharged sand is less than 25%. The addition of fine sand recovery process is expected to bring considerable economic and environmental benefits to the project.

According to the Changjiu new material disclosed that the project strives to put into production by the end of September this year, the actual production time is expected to be very close. Will the large quantities of manufactured sand enter the market and quench thirst for the construction sand Market?
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