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Why Do Skid Mounted Compressor Users Need Standing Air Compressor Accessories?

1. Many customers do not want to stock up based on price or cost issues. They are all doing a maintenance. However, skid mounted compressor maintenance time and parts inventory often cannot match. There may be a phenomenon of out of stock and goods transfer. The machine's new machine running-in period is 500 hours. Regular maintenance is once every 2000 hours.  Maintenance time is often unequal. The machine maintenance time is extended due to the problem of the delivery date of the parts, which ultimately affects the service life of the machine. This is not worth the candle. Therefore, when you are able to buy a new machine or when you are in the first place, you can prepare one or two sets of maintenance kits, so that the supply is sufficient when the machine is being serviced.

2. Skid mounted compressor is sometimes a little problem. The common ones are: high temperature, oil leakage, aging of accessories. These problems are coming urgently. Although it is a small problem, it does not solve the problem and affects production. Although the factory staff will come at the fastest speed, but can not solve the problem immediately. For example, high temperature may be caused by less oil, or it may be a problem with the temperature-controlled valve core; for example, the belt ages and breaks, causing the skid-mounted compressor to stop.  If the customer has spare parts such as lubricants and belts at the time, then the problem can be solved in the first time.

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