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What Should Water Well Rig Manufacturer Operators Pay Attention To?

Water well drilling rigs play an important role in the process of water well drilling. All operators must be trained in safe operation, and the following steps should be followed to avoid mechanical or personal accidents caused by improper operation. The following are several aspects that need to be paid attention to during the use of the equipment:

1. Before carrying out underground construction and installation of the water well drilling rig, please clean the drilling site first, and maintain sufficient building space and good ventilation. There is enough water source, power source and long enough water supply hose.

2. The main function of the column of the water well drilling rig is to support and fix the drilling rig. After selecting the drilling position of the water well drilling rig, first support the chromatographic column, support the top plate assembly of the chromatographic column on the top of the tunnel, adjust the screw to support it, and then tighten the nut to lock and fix the chromatographic column.

3. The water well drilling rig should fix the frame to the column according to the height of the hole and the inclination of the hole. By adjusting the bolts, the frame can be installed to a proper height, and the frame can be adjusted to a proper tilt angle.

4. The water well drilling rig machine must be connected to the power source and check whether the direction of the main shaft is consistent with the direction of the arrow on the gear box. Then turn the handwheel to neutral, run it for 5 minutes without load, then rotate the handwheel to the forward position, and the host will move forward no less than three times. The water well drilling rig should have no abnormal sound and move flexibly on the frame.

5. Install the drill pipe and drill bit on the water well drilling rig, connect the water source and power source, and align the holes. When opening the hole, first slowly rotate the handwheel forward, lightly connect the clutch, and then tighten the clutch when the bit body is fully drilled into the hole, but the force should not be too large. When drilling to the desired depth, quickly turn the handwheel in the opposite direction to stop the advancement.

Then tighten the handwheel backwards, and the host will retract quickly. When the drill bit of the water well rig is completely withdrawn from the hole, it will stop again. Otherwise, the drill bit and parts will be damaged. At this time, the handwheel will rotate to the neutral position.

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