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What Problems of Water Drilling Machine Should be Noticed in the Power Engineering of Well Drilling Rig?

Water well drilling rigs are suitable for water well drilling, geological survey, geological core drilling, small grouting holes, blasting holes for railways, water conservancy, bridges, dam foundations and other buildings. Diamond, composite and alloy drill bits can be used according to different formations. The drilling rig must master the operating requirements and comprehensive maintenance knowledge of the drilling rig, and have a wealth of troubleshooting experience. So, which water well drilling rigs should be paid attention to in hydropower projects?

1 The safety of shipping water well drilling rigs must be checked. All parts must be intact, without leakage of cables, drill pipes, drill bits, etc.

2 The drilling rig should be firmly loaded, turn or bend the road, and fix the steel wire and fix it;

3 When entering the construction site, the drilling rig should be fixed, the drilling area should be larger than the water well drilling rig, and there should be enough safe space around;

4 When drilling, it must be constructed in strict accordance with the drilling position and direction, angle, hole depth, etc. The drill bit must not be modified without authorization;

5 Check the drill rig when installing the drill pipe to ensure that the drill pipe is not blocked, not bent, and the steel wire is not worn. It is strictly forbidden to fail the drill pipe;

6 When loading and unloading drill bits, strictly prevent pipe clamps from clamping hard alloy parts, and strictly prohibit flat drill bits and core tubes.

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