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What is a Jumbo Drill Rig?

From a large, outdoor rig for wells of water, oil and natural gas to a portable auger, a jumbo drill rig is a mechanical device used for hole drilling in the earth's surface.

Ajumbo drill rigis able to sample underground mineral reserves and to install underground production equipment, such as machines, instruments, pipelines and hoistways. Versatile as it is, a jumbo drill rig can be mobile equipment mounted on trucks, trailers and tracks or stationary facilities equipped on land and at sea (Drilling platforms is commonly referred to as "offshore oil rigs" even without any drill rigs). The word "rig" generally is applied to the equipment used for drilling into the earth's crust.

The drill rig differs from the digging purposes and the construction objects, which consequently diversifies its type.

According to their applications, drill rigs can be classified into core rigs, oil rigs, hydro-geological detective and water well rigs, engineering geological exploratory rigs, tunnel rigs, construction rigs and so on.

According to their drilling methods, there are four categories. The percussive drilling rigs can be subdivided into wire rope percussive ones and drill rod percussive ones.

The rotary drilling rigs has the following three branches: the vertical shaft type (the handgrip feed, the spiral differential feed and the hydraulic feed ) ; the rotary table type ( the steel rope pressure control and the hydraulic cylinder pressure control) ; the mobile gyrator type (the full hydraulic head and the mechanical head).

The combination drilling rigs: Ajumbo drill rigis of various functional combinations of vibration, shock, rotation and static pressure.

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