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Well Drilling and Drilling Technology

Drilling is to use drilling equipment such as downhole drilling rigs to drill a test hole in the formation.

According to the purpose, drilling is generally divided into geological survey drilling, geological exploration drilling, water well drilling, engineering geological drilling, geothermal drilling, oil drilling, etc.

The down-hole drill, also known as percussion drill, generally uses wire rope to send the down-hole bit to the bottom of the well. It is the drilling equipment, and the power-driven beam mechanism moves the beam up and down, and drives the wire rope and the drill bit to generate an up and down impact, thereby breaking the rock. The downhole drilling rig is simple, low in cost and has no pollution to the reservoir. However, the down-the-hole drilling rig is slow and inefficient. The down-the-hole drilling rigs are shallow and cannot meet the requirements of complex formations and deep wells, and are gradually replaced by rotary downhole drilling rigs.

When the rock bit is broken by rotation, it is beneficial to the cutting or grinding effect of the bit. This is the most commonly used downhole drilling technology. It is faster than tunnel driving speed, easy to deal with wall collapse and blowout.

Rotary drilling is a kind of device for rotary drilling on the drilling platform. There are square holes in the center of the rotary table. The Kelly at the upper end of the drill string passes through the square hole, and the drill pipe is connected with the drill bit. When the rotary table is driven by power, the drill stem and the drill bit are driven to rotate together, so as to break the rock and drill. One obvious drawback of this technique is that the drill pipe rotates with the drill bit. The drill is deeper, the drill rods are more used, and the weight of the turntable drive is greater. The drill pipe wears up and the energy consumption gradually increases until the power machinery is overloaded.

The down-hole drill is beneficial to the down-hole power drilling and driving the bit to break the rock. When the drill bit is drilled in, the drill pipe does not rotate, which reduces the wear of the drill pipe, delays the service life of the drill pipe, reduces the energy consumption, and is suitable for deep well drilling. However, the technology is also relatively complex. According to its functions, the down-hole drilling rig can be divided into rotating system, lifting system, mud circulation system, etc. It is difficult to manufacture and use the equipment, so it is not suitable for small down the hole drilling company.

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