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Water Well Drilling Rigs above 1000 Meters-Stable and Reliable

ANBIT water well drilling rig SL1000, its drilling depth can reach 1000 meters, and the borehole diameter can reach 800 mm. Compared with its counterparts, this product has obvious advantages. It is a relatively advanced domestic full-hydraulic multifunctional water well drilling rig. It can technically improve drilling efficiency by a dozen times or even dozens of times. The advantage is that this rig meets rocks. It can show its higher efficiency, which is an advantage that peers cannot surpass.

In 2019, ANBIT exploration rigs and water well rigs have blossomed in domestic and foreign countries. Due to the quality and cost-effectiveness of water well rigs, many domestic and foreign customers have favored them. Orders have also expanded from the main domestic market to Asia, Europe, In the world, such as Africa and the Americas, ANBIT has occupied an advantageous position in the domestic industry in terms of cost performance. Over the past few years, it has been renewed, and it is constantly working for the goals of lower prices, more stable performance, and higher efficiency.

Water well drilling rigs and exploration drilling rigs are the core products of ANBIT and are also our lifeline. We have formed strategic cooperative relationships with large domestic enterprises in many countries. We also work closely with the above companies to support each other technically, communicate and learn. Strive to meet customer needs.

The spirit of ANBIT is to use creativity, breakthroughs, and after-sales service with high-quality technology to win the professional recognition of partners. Welcome new customers to discuss cooperation.

Water Well Drilling Rigs
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