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Water Detector Application and Characteristics

Application scope of water detector

Water finding: It is widely used in cities, mountains, and plains to quickly find and evaluate different types of groundwater. Determine the well location, the amount of dissolved water in a single well, the number of layers in the aquifer, and the depth of each layer.

Features of the water detector

1. Fast speed and high efficiency: Unlike conventional electrical measurement, the measurement speed is fast, and many profile measurement tasks can be completed every working day.

2. Convenient to carry: This instrument uses the earth's electromagnetic field as the source of the worksite. It does not require bulky artificial power supply devices. The weight of the entire instrument does not exceed 2 kg, which is very convenient to carry and use.

3. Simple operation: The instrument is fully controlled by a microcomputer, and all measurement operations can be completed with the touch of a button.

4. Strong anti-interference ability: After the frequency selection and digital processing of the instrument by the instrument, even on the roads where urban vehicles flow continuously and in the work area with strong electrical interference, abnormal repeatable curves can be observed.

5. Multi-azimuth, multi-frequency, multi-device and multi-parameter measurement methods are used to obtain various anomalous maps, to solve the problems of geological body position, orientation, thickness and burial depth, to improve the success rate of water and ore prospecting and reduce investment risk. ANBIT water detector is easy to operate and can be operated by 1-2 people. One-click mapping can shorten the measurement time.
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