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The History of Drilling Equipment for Mines

Nearly a hundred years has witnessed the development of the hydraulic underground jumbo drill propelled by numerous technicians of industrial and mining equipment.

Born in 1920, the first hydraulic jumbo drill successfully withstood several industrial experiments. Since then, by trial and error, gradually it went into a pilot production. Until 1970s arose hydraulic impact drill, which came into mass production and promotion for its practicality. In the middle of 1970s, the development of hydraulic drilling equipment found its way to the popularity on the market, where dozens of companies from diversified countries such as France, Britain, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Japan occupied the share with their final products and prospered sales over thousands per year.

Widely spread as the hydraulic drilling jumbo and the hydraulic drilling rig have been by 1990s, they, together with their public praise, are everywhere to plenty of underground and open-pit mines in the world. Compared with  the pneumatic jumbo drill, the productivity of the hydraulic one has increased by 2.5 ~ 3 times while the power consumption has decreased by 60% ~ 65%.

Early at 1970s started the development the hydraulic underground jumbo drill in China. Till 1990s, the domestic technique of hydraulic drilling equipment came into maturity with meaningful breakthroughs theoretical and practical. Tested by industrial experiments, finally born the hydraulic drilling jumbo, the hydraulic DTH drill and the hydraulic roller drill and then widely applied to mines.
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