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The Development Situation Of The Drilling Rig Equipment

The first development stage of drilling rig equipment--hand feed drilling rig equipment

In 1862, Switzerland first invented the hand-mounted diamond bit, and designed and manufactured the world's first manual vertical-axis core drill; in 1899, cheap steel drilling replaced expensive diamond drilling; in 1916, cemented carbide was used in drilling, resulting in alloy drilling technology. With the adoption of these two drilling methods, a new type of vertical axis rotary drilling rig has emerged, and it has gradually developed into a handlebar feed drilling rig with better performance.

The second stage of development of drilling rig equipment —— hydraulic feed drilling rig equipment

With the further maturity and development of alloy drilling technology, the types of drill bits increase and the rules are strengthened. Hand feed drilling rigs have obviously been unable to meet the requirements of the development of drilling technology. At the same time, the development of powder metallurgy technology has led to the emergence of new technology of cast-in diamond bit, and diamond drilling technology has put forward new requirements for drilling rig, such as precise control of drilling pressure, high rotary speed and good speed regulation characteristics. And the hydraulic technology at that time has also made considerable development and application. Under these conditions, hydraulic feed rigs emerge as the times require.

The third stage of development of drilling rig equipment - fully hydraulic power bit drilling rig equipment

With the gradual development and perfection of industrial technology and the larger and larger proportion of wage cost in the labor cost composition of western industrial developed countries, foreign countries began to invest in the research of high mechanization of core drilling rigs. As a result, full hydraulic power bit drills came into being as the times require.

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