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The Classification of the Drilling Machine and the Meaning of the Model Name

The drilling machine is the main engine to complete the drilling construction. It drives the drilling tool and the drill bit to drill into the deep formation, and completes the auxiliary work such as lifting the drilling tool and casing, extracting the core, and replacing the drill bit through the elevator (hoist) on the drilling rig. The main function of the pump is to deliver flushing fluid into the hole to clean the bottom of the hole, cool the drill bit and lubricate the drill tool.

Due to the different purposes and construction objects of rock and soil drilling and tunneling, there are many types of mining rigs. Drilling machines can be classified by purpose, such as core drilling rigs, oil drilling equipment, hydrogeological survey and water drilling amchine, engineering geological survey drilling rigs, tunnel drilling rigs and construction drilling machine. According to drilling methods, drilling rigs can be divided into four categories:

1. Impact drilling rigs are divided into two types: cable impact type and drill rod impact type.

2. Rotary drilling rigs are divided into the following three types:

  • Vertical shaft type-handle feed type, screw differential feed type, hydraulic feed type drilling rig;

  • Rotary type-steel rope plus decompression type, hydraulic cylinder plus decompression type drilling rig;

  • Mobile gyrator type-full hydraulic power head type, mechanical power head type drilling rig.

3. Vibration drill.

4. Compound drilling machine: A drilling rig with functions such as vibration, impact, rotation, static pressure and so on in different combinations.

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