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The Advantages of an Air Leg Drill

The hand held rock drilling equipment is strength consuming with severe vibration directly passed onto the body, which fatigues the operator and endangers the holder's health.

The air leg rock drill adopts a pneumatic leg to free the holder from the rock drilling thereby greatly relieving the labor intensity. The air leg drill is mainly used for drillings of a horizontal level, a 45-degree elevation and a 45-degree depression. Never is it employed for down holes drilling for only one handle set, after all, is too heavy to be held.

The column guide drill runs on the guide rail, which limits the boundary of drilling. Being crawled, tired and tracked, a jumbo dominantly for mining tunnels is specifically designed with one or more drills mounted on to carry out drilling from different directions and angles simultaneously.

Features of the airleg drill:
It is favorable for wet drilling in rocks of medium hardness or above.
It is centralized with an operating mechanism, supported by a flexible start-up and attached to an air-water coordination thereby facilitating the use and the maintenance.
It is energy economical with a long service life and universally applicable with an excellent reliability.
It is super efficient with a powerful blowing blast holes ability and a superior rotational torque.

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