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Special Equipment For Oil Drilling And Mining

Among the malfunction of special oil drilling and mining equipment, there are four kinds: damage faults and aging loosening faults, misalignment faults and performance failure caused by plugging leakage. Their performances are as follows: cracking and corrosion of parts, tensile deformation, cracking and indentation, and so on. On the contrary, the aging problems are mainly manifested in the phenomena of deterioration, aging and wear and tearing of materials. Secondly, the failure of loosening is mainly reflected in the loosening of parts and components.

1. Analysis of Fault Prevention Measures for Equipment

In the aspect of equipment failure prevention, attention should be paid to the reasonable maintenance measures for the wear and lubrication problems of machinery, because wear has become the main reason for machinery failure to a great extent, so the prevention of oil machinery failure should start with the wear parts, and the main preventive measures are guaranteeing the rationality of manufacturing technology and mechanical structure when choosing the machinery, besides the consideration of the material. In addition, regular and careful lubrication treatment must be guaranteed in lubrication maintenance of machinery in order to ensure good cohesion and close cooperation between the components of machinery.

Secondly, lubrication has good coordination between mechanical temperature and working interval in control work. It can fundamentally guarantee the reasonable working time and the reduction of wear and tear. It also prevents the impurities from entering the machinery, and ensures the normal service life and working efficiency of the machinery.

Another important point of maintenance is the series maintenance of machinery and equipment carried out by the staff. In the operation process, the operator should first pay attention to the adequacy of mechanical "blood" such as oil and refrigerant before the starting of the machine. Under enough conditions, the machine can enter the stage of preheating by running at low speed. When the mechanical blood is preheated to a certain extent, the machine can enter normal work. Keep in mind that the machine should not be overloaded if the preheating is not reached.

2. Analysis of Emergency Maintenance Measures for Faults of Equipment

In the case of on-site maintenance, flexible maintenance of existing faults of drilling and production machinery should also be added, because the exploration and innovation of maintenance methods can quickly deal with the faults and reduce the mining delay caused by mechanical faults. Based on the difficulties of material and fittings in maintenance, it fully requires the maintenance personnel to develop emergency means of on-site maintenance.

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