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What Are the Rules for Using the DTH Drilling Rig?

Installation and preparation of the DTH drilling rig: Prepare the rock cavern in advance and determine the type of the cavern according to the drilling method. Connect gas pipelines and lighting lines to the development work surface for storage. According to the design concept of the DTH drilling rig, the supporting structure should be firm, and the upper, lower, left and right sides of the bracket should be padded with wooden boards. When the horizontal axis and the snap ring are mounted on the bracket according to the required aspect ratio and orientation, the lifting device is lifted by the hand winch, fixed on the bracket at the required angle, and then the direction of the downhole drilling rig is adjusted.

DTH drilling rig inspection before operation:

1. When starting work, carefully consider whether the connection of the gas faucet pipe is firm and whether there is any soda leak in the wood.

2. Check that the fuel pump is full of vehicle oil.

3. Check if the screws, nuts and joints of each part are tightened and the pole is firm.

DTH drilling rig work: When punching, start the motor first, load normally, and then pull the robot driver. Make it moderately propelled, and then control the impactor's hand to the working part after drilling the rock. The intake valve can be opened to maintain a certain proportion of liquefied gas compounds for all normal rock drilling operations. While the DTH rig is running, when the booster moves to collide with the bracket, drill a drill. Stop the motor running. Stop supplying air, powder, and fork into the bracket drill slot. Reverse the double rocker, loosen the connector and the drill, and connect the second drill.

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