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UP45 Drilling Jumbo

UP45 Drilling Jumbo

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Product Features:

1. ZEGA UP45 crawler DTH drill rig is ZEGA self developed new mid to deep hole professional and high efficient underground drill rig, priarily used in underground mining, rescue & relief work, hydro construction, & railway bolting etc.
2. UP45 with working ability & feature of imported drill rig, combined with domestic mid to deep hole drilling process & market needs.With low one time purchase cost, low operation & maintenance cost, and many choices of consumables. Easy to operate.
3. Imported key hydraulic & electrical components for product reliability under severe work environment.Market approved control system for reliable & stable performance.
4. With diesel & electric dual power packs, diesel engine for tramming, with fast / slow tramming speeds.Electric motor for drilling, energy saving & low noise
5. Water mist dust collector for improving work environment. Water flow adjustable according to actual work condition with water shortage warning.

 Main technical specifications UP45
Dimension 6000*2400*2550mm
Weight 8000kg
Turning radius 360°
Gradient 30°
Tramming speed 1.5m/3km/h Dual speed
Power Pack
Diesel engine 58KW
Electric motor 55KW
Service fact 1.2
Hole diameter 90-130mm
Hole depth 0-30m
Pipe diameter 76/68mm
Nos. of pipes 20根ea
Drill pipe length 1.5m(Collaring)
Air pressure 10-25bar
Max. Feed force 25kN
Feed travel length 1820mm
Max. Pull up force 25kN
Feed beam total length 3270mm
Max. torque(315motor) 2200/2600Nm
RPM(315motor) 68-103rpm
Max. torque(400motor) 2800/3300Nm
RPM(400motor) 54-81rpm
Feed position
Tilt forward 30o
Tilt backward 60o
Rotation angle 360o
Feed extension 1740mm
Electrical data
Voltage 380V,Optional配660V
Ammeter Yes
Starting type Star-delta
Phase sequence protection Phase sequenc warning! Do not start!
Electric Motor overload protection Yes
Leakage protection Yes
Voltmeter Yes
Cable reel capacity 36

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