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UJ33 Drilling Jumbo

UJ33 Drilling Jumbo

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Product features

UJ33 is suitable for underground works and tunnel construction such as highway, railway and hydropower. Equipped with three heavy-duty drilling arms and a service platform, lifting cockpit, self-opening cable and water pipe reel, automatic butter filling system, making operation and maintenance more convenient. The two outer drilling booms are equipped with Eagle booms and optional automatic brazing mechanism, which are suitable for larger cross-section tunneling, bolting and other applications. The full hydraulic pilot proportional control mode is adopted to control precision and failure rate. Equipped with high frequency hydraulic rock drill to meet the efficient demand of customers.
Service Platform
Parallel Total Boom angle ±45º
      Max. Working high(bottom):12000mm
Nominal load 600kg
Length 6110mm 6776mm 7386mm 7996mm
Rod length 4305 4915 5525 6135
Drill depth 4013 4623 5223 5843
Lifting force 20.0KN 20.0KN 20.0KN 20.0KN
Set top to swivel center 88mm   Rotation 0-388rpm
Impact power 20kW Rotation torque(Max):680N.m
Impact frequency 60Hz Weight 170Kg
Feed Extension 1800mm Boom angle "+68º/-45º
Boom extend 1600mm Boom Swing angle ±45º
Parallel retention Total Tilt angle "+3º/-90º
Feed angle 360º
Electricity system
Power 220kW Start Star/triangle
Main Motor 3*55kW /Uninstall startup
Voltage 380V specification 3*185+3*95/3mm2
frequency 50-60Hz Cable reel capacity 100M
Thread Diameter Length
T38 38mm 525mm
R32 32mm 525mm
Screw air compressor system
Pressure 7bar F.A.D 1m3/min
Electric drive booster pump system
Max. Work pressure 17bar Max.flow 300L/min
Water hose reel capacity 100m Power 15kW
Diesel Engine Cummins QSL8.3-C240-III
Motor Rated power(2,200rpm):179kW
Approach angle and departure angle 15º Tire 14.00*R24
Hydraulic leg 4 Service brake 2single loop
Emergency stop and parking brake SHAR Fuel tank capacity 150L
Max load Gradient "1:4 Hydraulic Fuel Tank capacity  750L
Walk speed 17/10/5km/h
Drill rod
T38-D38-T38*6135mm φ64-89mmbolting
R32-D32-R32*6135mm φ64-89mmbolting
T38-H32-R32*6135mm Excavation
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