Shenyang ABT Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd.

Industrial Air Compressor

ABT has a very comprehensive compressor product line, including piston compressor, ordinary screw compressor and permanent magnet frequency conversion screw compressor.

It provides efficient and reliable aerodynamic power for steel, textile, cement, electric power, chemical industry and machinery manufacturing. The power range covers 4 kW ~ 4000kW, which can meet the gas demand of various scales.

Among them, the full spectrum products of screw compressor have reached the national energy-saving product standard of China, and all of its high-end series have reached the national first-class energy efficiency and super-class energy efficiency of China. Especially for energy saving, we have made special design:

1. Adopt quiet and mild operation scheme to save pipeline investment and energy consumption.

2. Adjustable intake valve, reduce waste of energy

3. High-quality filtration system, minimum internal pressure difference

4. superior cooling system, ensure the best unit efficiency, optimized oil circuit design, minimum pressure loss.

Inverter Air Compressor(energy efficient)

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