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SFD Low-pressure Energy Saving Screw Air Comressors

SFD Low-pressure Energy Saving Screw Air Comressors

Need low pressure in the chemical fiber and elastic fields

Considering that, the company has developed the ultra-low voltage energy-saving screw air compressor of 3bar and 1.5barwhich can save a lot of electricity every year.

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Low-voltage frequency conversion screw air compressor, at the same time, according to the required exhaust volume, automatically adjust the frequency, more energy-saving.

SFD-3 Low-pressure Energy Saving Screw Air Comressors
Model Power Pressure Range F.A.D Driving mode Unit Dimensions(overall) Weight Outlet Diameter
(KW) (bar) (m3/min) (mm) (KG)
55SFD 55 2.1-3 16.22 Power frequency 1950*1365*1580 1600 DN50 R2
75SFD 75 1.2-3 23.5 Power frequency 1950*1365*1580 2900 DN80 R3
90SFD 90 1.5-3 29.91 Power frequency 1950*1365*1580 3330 DN125 flange
132SFD 132 2.1-3 46.3 Power frequency 1950*1365*1580 4600 DN125 flange
160SFD 160 2.1-3 50 Power frequency 1950*1365*1580 5500 DN150 flange
SFD-1.5 Low-pressure Energy Saving Screw Air Comressors
Model Power Pressure Range F.A.D Unit Dimensions(overall) Weight(KG) Outlet Diameter
(KW) (bar) (m3/min) Driving mode (mm)
75SFD 75 1.2-2.5 29.77 Permanent magnet frequency conversion 3100*1814*2040 3300 DN125 flange
110SFD 110 1.5-2.0 46 Permanent magnet frequency conversion 3550*2225*2550 5000 DN150 flange
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