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Portable Small Air Compressor

Portable Small Air Compressor

ANBIT portable small air compressor is usually used in construction, urban road construction, sand blasting and shot peening. It's small, however, has great power, driving pneumatic tools. In a small range of demolition, drilling, surface treatment can use it. With simple structure, convenient maintenance, low energy consumption, it's a good helper for workers.
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Product Features of ANBIT Portable Small Air Compressor:

1. Special design for narrow space applications such as tunnels and subways.
2. Easy assembly and disassembly for easy transportation.
3. Air cooling or water cooling systems to choose for different environment.
4. Super strong protection of power pack for the worst air environment.
5. Automatic operation and protection system
6. Super large power capacity for longer life.
mobile air compressor
SKY Model Nominal Pressure(Mpa) F.A.D  m³/min Noise dB(A) Outlet Temperature (℃) Oil Content ppm Motor Power Kw(HP) Weight(wet,excl.fuel)(kg) UnitDimensions (overal).LxWxH(mm) Drive Mode
22SKY-6 0.6 4.6 70 ≤environment+8 ≤3 22(30) 550 1900X920X1160 Belt
30SKY-8 0.8 5 70 ≤environment+8 ≤3 30(40) 550 1900X920X1160 Belt
30SKY-8 0.8 5 70 ≤environment+8 ≤3 30(40) 550 1900X920X1160 Direct Acting
45SKY-7 0.7 7 75 ≤environment+8 ≤3 45(60) 850 1900X920X1250 Belt
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