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Inverter Air Compressor(energy efficient)

The following characteristics exist in the types of air used in factories: high air use in daytime and low air use in night shift.

High gas consumption at work and low gas consumption during rest time. Low gas consumption in off-season and high gas consumption in peak season. 92% of the air compressors have serious fluctuations during operation, and 70% of the air compressors have loads ranging from 40% to 80%.

ABT breaks away from the traditional way, adopts a new vector frequency conversion control system, dual frequency conversion system of the converter to control the first-level energy-efficient permanent magnet frequency conversion, independent cooling fan to achieve maximum energy-saving effect. 1.5-13bar pressure is set arbitrarily to meet customers'different pressure requirements, 40-200Hz broadband AM, to meet customers' different gas use conditions.
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