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Pneumatic DTH Hammer

Also known as pneumatic impactor. Hole bottom power tool using compressed air as the power medium and using the energy of compressed air to generate continuous impact load. Compressed air can also serve as a pore washing medium. Pneumatic DTH Hammer has high and low air pressure, valve type and valveless type.

Usually, Pneumatic DTH Hammer is directly connected to the cemented carbide shank bit to crush the rock by impact, and the low-speed rotation does not take the core for full-scale drilling.

It is mainly used in the fields of hydrology and water well drilling, coreless geological drilling, geological disaster prevention engineering and mine rock drilling. It is suitable for application in pebble and hard rock layers, and drills with special structures can also be used in soft soil layers.

Mechanical drilling speed is generally much higher than that of hydraulic impactor drilling, but it needs to be equipped with an air compressor with greater capacity, which consumes more fuel and has noise and dust pollution. Drilling depth is greatly affected by groundwater level and water volume.

Hydraulic DTH Hammer

Also known as hydraulic impact rotary drilling tool. Drilling and flushing fluid is used as the power medium, and high-pressure fluid energy and dynamic water hammer energy are used to generate a continuous impact load of the bottom hole power tool.

It is usually directly connected to the upper part of the core drilling tool. While rotary drilling, it transmits continuous impact load to the core bit, so that the bit can break the rock by rotary cutting and impact.

It is used for geological core drilling, especially suitable for hard and broken rock formations and medium-hard coarse-grained heterogeneous rock formations. The hydraulic percussion rotary drilling technology can increase the mechanical drilling speed, extend the sub-pitch and slow down the drilling bending.

Hand Hammer Drill

Using human body functional design to meet the requirements of use to the greatest extent, it is convenient and flexible. It integrates working methods such as chiseling, cutting, smashing and prying. It is an ideal manual demolition tool.

Hand Hammer Drill does not require a power source and is a rescue tool for manual operations carried by a single person. The impact head is made of high-strength tool steel with high strength and good toughness. Especially suitable for the initial stage of rescue, in the case of other rescue cars can not be deployed, can dismantle wall buildings, floors, doors and windows of vehicles, locks, etc....

ABT impactor adopts high quality alloy steel, through advanced processing technology, has the advantages of high working pressure and full pressure drop.
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