Shenyang ABT Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd.

Drilling Bit

The drill bit has the functions of impacting, crushing and shearing to break the formation rock while rotating. Therefore, the drill bit can adapt to soft, medium and hard formations, which greatly improves the drilling speed.

During the digging operation, the drill bit opener rotates around the vertical axis and simultaneously moves back and forth in the axial direction. The soil is cut under the action of the torque and axial force of the drill bit, and it is destroyed and broken up under the action of the squeezing and centrifugal force of the working blade, and the soil flow is pressed against the pit wall, and it is lifted along the page to the surface. When the soil flows to the place where there is no pit wall barrier, the crushed soil is thrown around the pit due to the centrifugal force, and the entire digging process is completed.
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