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BR Series Low Pressure Drill Bit

BR Series Low Pressure Drill Bit

Our drill bits are interchangeable with various products
 manufactured by Atlas Copco.

  • Specification

Specification of BR Series Low Pressure Drill Bit

BR  Head shape Diameter Number of vents NO X button diamter weight (KG)
mm Toothed Gauge Front
BR1 Low Pressure Drill Bit
Flat Face Bit 64 2 Ballistic Button 6XØ10 4XØ9
Convex Face 70 2 Ballistic Button 6XØ11 4XØ10
BR2 Low Pressure Drill Bit
Flat Face Bit 76 2 Round Button 6XØ12 4XØ10
Flat Face Bit 80 2 Round Button 6XØ13 5XØ10
Flat Face Bit 90 2 Round Button + Ballistic Button 6XØ13 4XØ12
BR3 Low Pressure Drill Bit
Flat Face Bit 90 2 Semi-Ballistic Button 6XØ14 5XØ12
Convex Face 98 2 Semi-Ballistic Button 6XØ14 6XØ12
BR33 Low Pressure Drill Bit
Convex Face 94 2 Semi-Ballistic Button 6XØ14 2XØ13+2XØ12
Flat Face Bit 115 2 Round Button 8XØ14 7XØ13
We can design and manufacture according to customers requirement of the bit diameter, the NO.of air holes, carbide buttons and the face shape.
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