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ANBIT-50/70A Multi-function DTH Drill Rig

ANBIT-50/70A Multi-function DTH Drill Rig

ZM series multi-function DTH Drill Rig,suitable for hydropower station,railway and highway slope control, foundation, Cable-stayed pile anchor, Anti floating anchor rod.Heat pump wells, Drainage holes,Mine and quarry blasing holes, Micro pile hole construction etc.It is also suit water wells ,Construction of high pressure rotary jetting hole.
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Performance characteristics

1. ANBIT series multi-function DTH Drill Rig adopts modular structure. It can be split into multiple modules. To faclitate the construction of elevated slope. Reasonable layout of carry out operations.Remote operation is helpful to the construction safety and efficiency. At the same time it is easy to install, move and maintain
2. The hydraulic system has excellent speed, efficiency and reliable durability .Equipped with a control valve and balance valve imported from Italy.Can provide accurate control in various application. Ensure fast drilling.High efficiency swinging drilling hole.Reducing auxiliary time. Improving drilling efficiency. Advanced cooling system. Still continued to work in extremely hot,cold and other harsh environment.
3. The new rotary reduction gearbox adopts a straight toothed reducer and a straight feed air inlet mechanism Equipped with large displacement hydraulic motor Eaton,Torque increase, The internal structure of the rotary reducer is reasonable.Gear is made of low carbon chromium nickel alloy steels, Carburizating process, High precision machining,Long service life.
4. Full hydraulic driving. Stepless speed regulation, Simple operation, Easy maintenance, Few wearing parts.
5. The rig is suitable for various drilling construction. Such as the alloy rocary drilling, auger drilling. DTH drilling, drilling with casing etc.

Technical Parameter of ABT 50A Multi-function DTH Drill Rig

Parameter/Model ZM-50A
Maximum drilling depth(m) 0-80
Maximum drilling diameter(mm) Φ90-180
Drill pipe specifications(mm) Φ76*1500、φ89*1500
Drilling angle(°) 0-360
Power head output speed(rpm) 50
Power head out put maximum torque(N.m) 3300
Power head out put maximum propulsin(KN) 35
Power head out put maximum extraction force(N.m) 45
Power head maximum stroke(mm) 1800
Secondary track travel(mm) 495
Motor power(Kw) 18.5+1.5
Rig total weight(Kg) 1000
Hydraulic station weight(Kg) 320
Console weight(Kg) 140
Maximum non-detachable part quality(kg) 235
Mainframe dimension(mm) 2960*900*1300
Hydraulic pump station dimensions (length width and height)(mm) 1850*810*1280

Technical Parameter of ABT 70A Multi-function DTH Drill Rig

Parameter/Model ZM-70A
Maximum drilling depth(m) 0-100
Maximum drilling diameter(mm) Φ90-230
Drill pipe specifications(mm) Φ76*1500、φ89*1500
Drilling angle(°) 0-360
Power head output speed(rpm) 50
Power head out put maximum torque(N.m) 3800
Power head out put maximum propulsin(KN) 40
Power head out put maximum extraction force(N.m) 55
Power head maximum stroke(mm) 1800
Secondary track travel(mm) 495
Motor power(Kw) 18.5+1.5
Rig total weight(Kg) 1000
Hydraulic station weight(Kg) 320
Console weight(Kg) 140
Maximum non-detachable part quality(kg) 280
Mainframe dimension(mm) 3050*900*1150
Hydraulic pump station dimensions (length width and height)(mm) 1850*810*1280

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