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Precautions for the Use of Skid Mounted Air Compressor

The skid mounted compressor can be used in accordance with the strict use process during daily use, which can completely reduce the loss. There are a few points to note. I hope that the majority of compressor users can pay attention.

1. When the skid mounted air compressor is cooled, it is necessary to clean the impurity mixture in time, at least once every two hours.

2. In the process of using the skid mounted air compressor, if there is a supply problem in the cold water, it must be stopped immediately and stopped.

3. Before the compressor is used, the cooler and cylinder water jacket are first filled with water.

4. The cylinder water jacket needs to be completely cooled to enter the water, otherwise there will be cylinder damage.

5. When the water jacket enters the cooling water, a professional water tank needs to be placed inside, and the measuring equipment is installed on it. When the water level falls below the limit, it can be found in time when problems occur.

6. When draining, the open drain must be used. The drain temperature should not exceed 10 °C-15 °C compared to the inlet water temperature.

7. To avoid an explosion caused by pressure overload, a safety valve must be installed on the compressor.

8. When the compressor is decompressed by air, install a device such as a pressure reducer.

9. The air must be guaranteed to be dust free.

10. During the maintenance inspection, avoid impurities falling into the cylinder, causing late failure.

11. Do not use gasoline or other substances in the cleaning cylinder. It needs to be cleaned with professional kerosene.

12. After the cleaning is completed, the compressor needs to be completely opened to allow the kerosene to evaporate.

13. When using the compressor, the outlet position should be avoided.

14. The installation of the skid mounted air compressor connecting pipe should be arranged according to the running time of the equipment.

15. Keep away from the flammable, explosive, toxic gas production environment and safe production.

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