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  • The History of Drilling Equipment for MinesThe History of Drilling Equipment for Mines2020/06/01Nearly a hundred years has witnessed the development of the hydraulic underground jumbo drill propelled by numerous technicians of industrial and mining equipment.
  • How to Choose Drill Rods?How to Choose Drill Rods?2020/05/29The quality of rotary drill rods is above all.
  • The Advantages of an Air Leg DrillThe Advantages of an Air Leg Drill2020/05/26A hand-held rock drill is strength consuming with severe vibration directly passed onto the body, which fatigues the operator and endangers the holder's health.
  • What is a Jumbo Drill Rig?What is a Jumbo Drill Rig?2020/05/23From a large, outdoor rig for wells of water, oil and natural gas to a portable auger, a jumbo drill rig is a mechanical device used for hole drilling in the earth's surface.
  • An Introduction to AnbitAn Introduction to Anbit2020/05/20Anbit is a hole opener company, which is dedicated to overall drilling solutions provided for industries like the mining, the stone crushing and the hydraulic drilling.
  • What is a Bit?What is a Bit?2020/05/17A hole opener bit is a cutting tool for a general drill or drilling machine to cut circular holes.
  • The Composition of a DrillThe Composition of a Drill2020/05/14The principle of the down-the-hole drilling is a reduction of energy loss, which is a result of the impact transmitted by the drill rod. The reduction is achieved by an impactor diving into the hole, ...
  • The Method to Disassemble DTH Drill RodsThe Method to Disassemble DTH Drill Rods2020/05/11To facilitate the positioning of the bit, the DTH drill shall be in a state with a gentle impact power, a minor thrust force and a low rotation speed.
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