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  • Why AnbitWhy Anbit2020/06/25Anbit mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech drilling equipment company specializing in the sales of various drilling rigs and drilling engineering machinery. Moreover, it is als...
  • Basic Classification of Well Drilling RigsBasic Classification of Well Drilling Rigs2020/06/22Well drilling rig is a kind of mechanical drill machine equipment used to drill well.
  • What is Rock TunnelingWhat is Rock Tunneling2020/06/19The operation of drill jumbo tunneling for driving rock in rock strata.Before the 17th century, rock roadway was mainly excavated by hand.
  • Installation and Use of Drill BitsInstallation and Use of Drill Bits2020/06/16The drill bit opener is a cutting tool used by general drills or drilling machines to cut out circular holes.
  • Advantages and Applications of Compressor MobileAdvantages and Applications of Compressor Mobile2020/06/13Diesel compressor mobile: driven by diesel engine, it is the equipment with certain pressure which drives the rotation of screw compressor rotor and compresses air. Electric compressor mobile: It is d...
  • Working Principles and Precautions of Anchor WellWorking Principles and Precautions of Anchor Well2020/06/10Anchor the pipe, avoiding axial displacement of downhole tools.
  • Notes for Air Leg Rock DrillNotes for Air Leg Rock Drill2020/06/07Air leg rock drill is a kind of high efficiency rock drill. It is widely used in rock tunnel excavation and various rock drilling operations to drill and blast holes. It is an important machine in roc...
  • The Origin of WellsThe Origin of Wells2020/06/04A well is an engineering structure used primarily for the extraction of groundwater.
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