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Maintenance of Drilling Bit

1. When using, remove the drill from the box and install it into the spring chuck of the spindle or automatically replace the tool magazine of the drill bit. When you are done, put it back in the box. When drilling steel, ensure adequate cooling and use metal cutting fluid.

2. Good drill pipe rigidity and guide rail clearance can improve the accuracy of drilling and the life of the drill bit.

3. Please ensure the leveling and cleaning between the magnetic base and the workpiece.

4. When drilling a thin plate, the workpiece should be reinforced, and when the large workpiece is drilled, please ensure the stability of the workpiece.

5. At the beginning and end of the drilling, the feed should be reduced by 1/3.

6. For materials with a large amount of fine powder during drilling, such as cast iron, cast copper, etc., no coolant can be used.

7. Some CNC drill presses use a positioning ring. Some CNC drill presses do not use a positioning ring. If a positioning ring is used, the depth positioning during installation must be accurate. If the positioning ring is not used, the elongation of the drill bit to the main shaft should be adjusted.  More attention should be paid to multi-spindle drilling machines. Make the drilling depth of each spindle consistent. If they are inconsistent, it is possible to drill the drill bit to the countertop or to drill through the circuit board.

8. Please remove the iron filings on the drill body in time to ensure smooth chip removal.

9. Always check the concentricity of the spindle and collet and the clamping force of the collet.  Poor concentricity can result in broken drills and large apertures for small diameter drill bits. Poor clamping force will cause the actual speed to not match the set speed, and the slip between the chuck and the hole opener bit.

10. To measure the diameter of the hole opener bit, use a non-contact measuring instrument such as a tool microscope to avoid the cutting edge being in contact with the mechanical measuring instrument and being bumped.

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