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Industrial Gas

In modern factories, there are many processes requiring pneumatic equipment, air compressor has become a necessary power station.

ABT is committed to reducing energy consumption while ensuring adequate gas flow. In practical application, with the time, environment, the adaptation of gas consumption. The pressure of air pipe network will fluctuate from 40% to 80% in a day. The frequency conversion screw air compressor designed by ABT can accurately meet the change of gas demand.

According to the needs of different users. We have developed energy-saving screw air compressor, permanent magnet frequency conversion screw air compressor and permanent magnet frequency conversion bipolar compressor. Use new technology to help customers reduce energy consumption.
Air compressors are widely used, mainly in:
A. Traditional aerodynamics: pneumatic tools, rock drills, pneumatic picks, pneumatic wrenches, pneumatic sand blasting
B. Instrument control and automation devices, such as tool replacement in machining centers.
C. Vehicle braking, door and window opening and closing
D. Use compressed air to blow weft yarn instead of shuttle in air-jet loom
E. Food and pharmaceutical industries, mixing slurry with compressed air
F. Starting of Large Marine Diesel Engine
G. Wind tunnel test, underground passage ventilation, metal smelting
H. Oil well fracturing
I. High Pressure Air Blasting Mining
J. Weapon systems, missile launches, torpedo launches
K. Submarine sinking and floating, wreck salvage, submarine oil exploration, hovercraft
L. Tire inflation
M. Painting
N. Bottle Blower
O. Air Separation Industry
P. Industrial Control Power (Driving Cylinders, Pneumatic Components)
Q. Production of high-pressure air for cooling and drying of processed parts

ABT has developed industry-specific models for different industries. In the textile industry, customized ultra-low pressure series, for medicine, food and other industries customized silent oil-free air compressor. Customized high pressure screw air compressor for pipe pressing.

ABT provides a complete backup system. Post-processing equipment, such as gas storage tank, cold dryer, deoiler, etc., cooperate with air compressor to meet your demand for compressed air.

We also provide customized services. For your special needs and OEM requirements, please contact us.

You may need: stationary air compressor

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