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How to Choose Industrial Air Compressor?

To choose the right industrial air compressor, you first need to determine the frequency of use according to the compressed air requirements of the application.

You also need to know whether the industrial air compressor, especially jumbo air compressor can be transported or whether it is installed in one specific place. If so, you need to ensure that the compressor is well ventilated to ensure optimal cooling.

Another important factor to consider is the continuous operating time of industrial air compressors. Manufacturers usually indicate the duty cycle of their products. The duty cycle determines how long the compressor can run in an hour. A compressor with a 30% duty cycle can only run for 18 minutes and must be cooled for 42 minutes. If you choose this type, you need to ensure that 18 minutes of the running time is enough to fill the gas tank to the proper pressure for 1 hour.

Industrial air compressors can use different portable pneumatic tools, including hammer drills, nail guns, pneumatic screwdrivers, circuit breakers, air spray guns, paint sprayers, sandblasters, etc.

Stationary or portable air compressors can also play an important role in industry or agriculture, for example:

  • To use pneumatic tools on the production line to eject parts from the mold

  • To blow bottle or jar shape

  • To provide cylinder

  • Sandblasting on the surface of precision machined metal parts

  • To spray crop

  • For greenhouse ventilation, etc.

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