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How to Check Coal Mine Drilling Rig Fault According to Diesel Engine Abnormality

When common faults occur in diesel engines of coal mine drilling rigs and other machinery and equipment, some noises are often produced. How to judge what common faults are? Here are a few examples of common failures, and I look forward to helping you.

Cylinder Foot Noise of Mine Drilling Rigs


1) When the diesel engine cooling car starts, the noise is easy to appear.

2) The sound is irrelevant to the speed ratio, only sometimes there is a crisp sound, which will fade away quickly, and when it is more serious, the sound will often appear.

3) As some cylinders are not working when the noise appears, it will recover after the noise subsides.


1) Looseness caused by too small interference of the valve seat ring in the cylinder head.

2) The raw material of the valve seat is not good, and the linear expansion coefficient is very small.

Diagnosis and solutions:
There are same solutions for the different types of drilling machine in mining.

1) When the noise appears, as some cylinders are not working; the noise subsides and the diesel engine recovers, it can be diagnosed that the valve seat of the non-working cylinder is loose.

2) Use the cylinder pressure gauge to measure the cylinder pressure cylinder by cylinder, the cylinder with low working pressure is the noise cylinder.

Engine Camshaft Noise of Mine Drilling Rigs


1) When the diesel engine is at medium speed, a deep sound is emitted from the side of the camshaft of the cylinder block engine; the sound is chaotic at high speed.

2) The sound will not change when the twin cylinders are turned off.

3) Vibration occurs around the rolling bearing of the engine camshaft.


1) The gap between the engine camshaft rolling bearing and the motor shaft is too large and loose.

2) The rolling bearing of the engine camshaft is loose or the bearing alloy is burned, fallen off or worn out excessively.

3) The engine camshaft shaft diameter gap is too large or the engine camshaft is bent.

Diagnosis and Solutions

1) Use a stethoscope on the cylinder with auscultation for the diesel engine at the speed ratio with the strongest noise. If a certain point is loud and accompanied by vibration, it can be diagnosed as rolling bearing noise at that point.

2) There is no change in the sound of the flameout experiment, and the electronic throttle can be switched slowly. If the speed sound is clear, the sound is obvious at medium speed, and the sound becomes weaker and weaker at high speed, it can be diagnosed as the engine camshaft diameter gap oversized or loose rolling bearing.

Cylinder Leakageof Mine Drilling Rigs


When common failures occur, the diesel engine will have difficulty starting, the exhaust pipe will fire, smoke, gasoline and diesel consumption will increase, and noise will occur.


1) The working surface of the cylinder and valve seat ring is eroded, burned, and leaks steam due to poor sealing.

2) There are carbon deposits on the working surface of the cylinder and valve seat ring, and the cylinder is not closed tightly and steam leaks.

3) The gap between the cylinder and the valve seat ring is too large, and the cylinder rod is shaken, causing steam leakage when the cylinder is not shut off tightly.

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