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Drilling on the Rc Column

Electric hammer is a kind of electric drill, which is mainly used to drill holes in concrete, floor, brick wall and stone. We are professional in the drilling of the wall, concrete, stone. There are multi-functional electric hammer, and adjusting to the appropriate position with appropriate drill bit can replace the ordinary electric drill and pick.

Because the drill bit of electric hammer rotates at the same time, it also produces fast reciprocating motion (frequent impact) along the direction of electric drill pipe, so it can drill holes quickly on brittle cement concrete and stone materials.

The advantages are high efficiency, large aperture and long drilling depth.

Electric drills only rely on motor to drive gears to increase the force of drill bit rotation, so that the drill bit in metal, wood and other materials does scraping form of penetration. When the percussion drill works, there is an adjusting knob at the bit chuck. And there are two ways: adjustable drill and percussion drill. But the impact drill uses the gear hammer and drill on the inner shaft to jump with each other to achieve the impact effect, and the impact force is far less than the electric hammer. It can also drill reinforced concrete, but the effect is not good. The hammer drilling (electric hammer) is different. It uses the bottom motor to drive two sets of gear structure. One set realizes the drilling, while the other sets drives the piston, which is like the hydraulic stroke of the engine to produce a strong impact force, accompanied by the effect of drilling. Strength divides the stone and the gold. Electric picks are made to run in the form of jumping by motor-driven shocks, so that the picks have the effect of chiseling the ground. Hydraulic pump picks use the gas pressure transmitted by the air compressor to drive the pump hammer in the picks to bounce back and forth, thus producing the effect of picks on the ground. However, the picks only chisel, and their picks do not rotate. In a word, electric drills are only single-purpose drills, and percussive drills can also have a slight hammering effect. Hammer drills can be drilled and higher hammered, while picks can only be hammered but not drilled.

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