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Basic Classification of Well Drilling Rigs

Well drilling rig is a kind of mechanical drill machine equipment used to drill well. Its use has greatly improved the efficiency of drilling water wells, but if there is no in-depth understanding of the common types and characteristics of the equipment before practical application, it will be difficult to give full play to the use value of the drill machine equipment.

The essence of well drilling is to try to solve the problems of breaking rocks and discharging cuttings, protecting the well wall and deepening drilling. The well drilling rig should complete the operations of drilling water well, downhole tubes, well flushing, etc.

Through long-term production practice and scientific research, the well drilling methods can be divided into two kinds of drilling methods with industrial practical value: impact method and rotation method. From these two methods, a variety of rig models have been developed.

According to the classification of drilling methods, well drilling rigs can be divided into three types: percussion drilling rig, rotary drilling rig and mixed drilling rig.

According to the classification of circulation mode, it can be divided into four types: mud directional circulation drilling rig, mud reverse circulation drilling rig, conventional air drilling rig and air reverse circulation drilling rig.

According to the drilling depth, it can be divided into three types: shallow drilling rig, medium deep drilling rig and deep drilling rig.

According to the type of assembly, it can be divided into three types: truck mounted well drilling rig, trailer well drilling rig and bulk well drilling rig.

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