Shenyang ABT Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd.

An Introduction to Anbit

Anbit Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co. , Ltd. is a hole opener company, which is dedicated to overall drilling solutions provided for industries like the mining, the stone crushing and the hydraulic drilling. Drilling problems will be settled down efficiently and economically.

As a reliable partner, we provide complete sets of equipment such as the mobile air compressor, the drill, the impactor, the bit, the crusher, the water detector and so on.

We are in an excellent enterprise environment, managed by a fresh pattern, equipped with superior techniques, attached to a considerate service and supported by a remarkable quality. We serve customers with the belief in the customer intimacy that the highly tailored service shall be offered to customers.

Anbit as a hole opener company stands out among numerous others for its service concept. We achieve a "win-win" situation by the barrier-free channel established between the supply and the demand. A strict quality control is the decisive factor for an enterprise to survive and grow in the fierce market competition environment. We all share the same pursuit of "satisfying every customer".

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