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Advantages of DTH Drilling Machine

DTH Drilling Rig

It is a common type of rock electric drill at present. The drill pipe is a common round drill pipe or a twist drill pipe.

Composition of dth drilling rig:

Structure: motor reducer, outrigger, bracket, sliding frame

Drilling tool structure: impactor, drill bit, drill pipe

Operating structure: control valve, control frame, electrical components, barometer, fog frame The down the hole drilling machine saves hydraulic pressure, so it has high mechanical efficiency, low cost and performance. The down-hole drilling machine is suitable for the operation of underground tunnel driving, mine tunnel driving, mine mining, water conservancy construction, road construction and stonework engineering in coal mines, with the characteristics of reasonable structure, convenience, easy operation and reliability.

DTH Drilling Rig is a percussive rotary structure. Its internal structure is different from that of a general rock drill. The fitting and the piston reciprocating structure are independent, that is, the front end of the impactor is directly connected to the drill bit, and the rear end is connected to the drill pipe. During rock drilling, the impactor sneaked into the hole, and the valve plug in the impactor reciprocates against the shank by the gas distribution device, so that the drill bit produces a swirling force on the rock at the bottom of the hole.

Advantages of electric DTH drilling equipment:

1. Compact design and operability

2. Fast, flexible and mobile

The high driving force and the rigorous design of the rig allow the electric down-the-hole drilling rig to have excellent gradeability in harsh terrain conditions. With a oscillating crawler track, the walking speed is up to 3.5 kilometers per hour. The low center of gravity design makes it more agile and smooth.

3. Energy saving

It uses a geared output to make the power more direct and powerful. The air consumption is 50% lower than that of the vane air motor, which saves energy and eliminates the trouble of replacing the blade. The machine is suitable for ergonomic design, wide vision and easy operation of the joystick, which makes the operator's comfort and production efficiency.

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